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Arctic Air


What's in the box

Price: RM199.90

 Adjustable – three speed fan 

 Quiet operation                                                                    

 Lightweight & Portable 

 Uses water to keep you cool 

 Runs up to 8 hours per fill 

 Built-in colour changing LED night light 

 USB or mains powered 

 Freon Free, Energy Efficient & Eco-friendly 



Personal Space Air Cooler & Humidifier 

For a personal atmosphere that’s clean and pure, cool but not dry, Arctic Air is your personal air cooler and humidifier. Using evaporative technology, it turns everyday cold water, via a special filter, into cool, clean air that will relax you, as well as keep you cool on hot sticky nights. You can now enjoy cool, clean air... anywhere with Arctic Air! 


Evaporative Air Cooler Technology 

Arctic Air cools and humidifies for better air, and allows you to create your own personal climate. Running for up to 8 hours per fill this powerful, compact personal air cooler pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter, filling any space with cool, clean comfortable air. Simply fill with water, plug it into any standard wall socket or USB port and enjoy! 


Compact & Stylish 

Arctic Air’s sleek compact design fits neatly on your desk, nightstand or coffee table – wherever you need it! It’s great for work spaces, caravans, basements, lofts, garages, gyms and more! The Arctic Air Cooler is small and compact enough that it can be taken anywhere you go. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry around. That means instead of having to cool your entire house, you can just take Arctic Air with you when you go into a new room.  

Quiet operation and Built-in LED mood and night light 

The Arctic Air’s whisper silent operation means you’ll barely hear it when running, making it great to use for social functions and at night. 

There’s even a built-in soft-glow LED light to help you relax at night. You can either set the light to any of its 7 colour options, set to colour-cycle mode or turn the light off with the touch of a button!  

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly 

Running other air conditioners, all day long can cost a lot of money and take up so much space. Some of them even have to vent out of a window, making them inconvenient. Arctic Air operates much more efficiently than a fan or air-conditioning unit, meaning you can save money on your electricity bill. It also only requires water to run, so you won't have to go out and buy expensive chemicals every time you want to use it. 


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