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Clever Cutter


What's in the box

Original Price: $69.90 RM
Sale Price: RM19.90

 Takes the chopping away from the worktop

 Flies through food in seconds

 Super-sharp slicing blade & chopping-board surface

 Spring-loaded handles for wide ‘scissor’ action

 Chop veggies right into the pot!

 Works on a huge variety of foods

 Dishwasher safe

Chopping and slicing is the single most common activity in food preparation. Now, with Clever Cutter it’s so simple and quick you’ll be chopping like never before!

The chopping board is a staple of any kitchen. But when the chopping is done, you have to transfer all that loose food into a pan or dish, right? MESSY! Well what if the food was already there as soon as it’s chopped? What if the chopping board and knife were an all-in-one amazing slicer that cuts as quickly and easily as scissors and lets the food fall right where you need it?

Clever Cutter does just that!

With a spring-loaded handle, that keeps the cutting jaw as wide as possible in the open position to allow a rapid chopping action. To slice and chop with Clever Cutter, you just squeeze down, again, and again, and again!

Vegetables, fruit, sausages, potatoes, even French bread. Just hold the food in one hand and Clever Cutter in the other, then feed and chop. Clever Cutter makes short work of food preparation that used to take up time and create a lot of mess. Now you can chop onions faster than a pro! Ingredients for salads, stews, casseroles and soups can be sliced right into the pot in seconds! Then just rinse under a tap and store your Clever Cutter away until the next time you need it - it won’t be long!

If you’ve watched, with envy, as chefs and show-offs slice through food like a machine, now you can get out your Clever Cutter and show them what high-speed – no mess chopping really looks like! Clever Cutter puts the blade AND the board right in the palm of your hand!

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